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lundi 6 septembre 2010

RNB & RAP 09.01 by dj al1

RNB & RAP 09.01 by dj al1

avec :
01 JULIETTE LEON two hearts
02 4.0 if you want me
03 DONNA RENEE somewhere
04 KHADEJA whay goes around
05 DONDRIA no more
06 FAT FAMILLY na terra do amor
07 ROADCHFORD front now on
08 LATIF don't wanna be
09 MIDNIGHT STARR 15th avenue
10 MARY JANE GIRLS all night long remix
11 MONTELL JORDAN come home
12 DESTINY S CHILD no no no rmx
13 CHRISETTE MICHELE unconditional
14 WILLIE MAX duddy
15 TLC diggin on you
16 VANESSA WILLIAMS the way that you love

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